Our Technology

Our NanoSphere Delivery System™ (NDS) solves for a great deal of the safety, stability, absorption, bioavailability, dosing, timing of onset and duration challenges that seriously hinder industries delivering bioactive agents. Utilization of our proprietary sequential, manufacturing process creates nano-sized particles of active ingredients within a protective viscoelastic matrix that rapidly and safely transports them into the local tissues, cells and bloodstream. Products of our NDS can be delivered through the skin, mouth or nasal membranes (I.e. transdermal, intra-oral and intra-nasal products). We are now developing JV partnerships within multiple industries, including: pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cannabis, cosmeceutical, animal health and plant sciences.

NanoSphere Health Sciences was the first to conduct pharmacokinetic examination of cannabis nanoparticles, and to an impressive end. The onset time of cannabinoids delivered by the NanoSphere Delivery System™ is just 10 minutes, with a Tmax of just 60 minutes and a Cmax that simply defies understanding, markedly extending the window of therapeutic action.

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