Our Team

Our team is dedicated to quality, complete transparency and conducting extensive research into the application of nanotechnology.


Dr. Mark Percival – CEO

Chief Executive Officer of NanoSphere; Innovative, solution-focused product and systems developer and a trusted, passionate, inspirational leader; Founder and CEO of the 1st Health Coach® company, back in late 80’s - Health Coach Systems International Inc; Co-founder, CEO across 5 more corporations over the last 24 years.

Richard Clark Kaufman, Ph.D – Director

Consulting scientist, researcher and product developer, Chief Science Officer of NanoSphere since 2013; head of product development and research consultant at Life Enhancement Products in Miden, Nevada; Director of the FirstFitness Scientific and Medical Advisory Board; Co-Director of the Center of Biogerontology Life Extension Foundation from 1992 to 2008.


Officers and Managing Directors

Dr. Mark Percival, CEO
Stephanie Hopper
Richard Clark Kaufman Ph.D., Chief Science Officer
Terry Grossman M.D., Chief Medical Officer
Victor Goncalves, Executive Vice President
Bennett Liu, CFO


Stephanie Hopper – Director, COO

Co-founder of Root Technologies, a consulting firm of industry professionals helping build a sustainable cannabis industry; Chief Operating Officer of Ballpark Holistic Dispensary and cultivation facility from 2014 to 2016.

Michael Iverson – Director

President of Triple K Ventures Ltd. a private investment and consulting company; director and executive officer or numerous public companies since 1998.

Toby Lim – Director

Lawyer practicing corporate and securities law since 1998.

Victor Goncalves – Director

CEO of Corazon since 2016; director, executive officer and adviser to various public companies since 2010.

Bennett Liu – CFO

CFO of Corazon since 2017; also an officer of Brigade Resources Corp. and Secova Metals Corp.