NanoSphere Health Sciences Announces Retirement of CEO Robert E. Sutton; Dr. Mark Percival Named As Successor

NanoSphere Board Unanimously Selects Dr. Percival As New CEO

Vancouver, June 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

(June 10, 2019) – NanoSphere Health Sciences INC (NSHS.CN) (NSHSF), is delighted to announce that the board of directors has appointed Dr. Mark Percival to lead the company as CEO, succeeding Robert E. Sutton who is retiring. 

Mr. Sutton has acted as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since 2013, after co-founding NanoSphere with Chief Science Officer Dr. Richard Kaufman, and will continue in his role as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“Dr. Percival is the right person to lead NanoSphere into the future,” said Sutton. “His decisive leadership, personal style, and deep experience across the entire value chain of our business uniquely qualify him to step in to this role. Through the quality and talent of our management, NanoSphere is poised to realize the next stage of growth.”

Dr. Percival has extensive experience in the healthcare field across two continents and has led important innovations for more than three decades. Dr. Percival has become an inspirational leader and a very special resource in healthcare innovation and value-based care. When you combine his knowledge and skills with that of Dr. Kaufman and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Terry Grossman we have collaborative synergies that most bio-techs can only dream of, said Sutton.

“I cannot imagine a more significant opportunity than to play a leading role in seeing that NanoSphere succeeds in its mission to alleviate suffering and improve lives globally,” said Dr. Percival. “We do so by redefining how medicinal and preventive agents are delivered and experienced. 

“Our go-forward business model is to build out our product lines in four key verticals using our proprietary technology, and then license the product rights to partners responsible for ongoing research, manufacture, distribution and sales. 

“NanoSphere has technology whose time has come and we are laser-focused on establishing the right partnerships to go to market in four key verticals: Cannabinoids, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical, with further applications for each within the field of veterinary medicine and pet care,” Dr. Percival explained. “Our thrust will remain on the research and development of products that solve some of the most pressing health concerns today. Millions will soon be benefiting across several continents from the enhancements we bring through the superior delivery of health enhancing and pain-relieving medicines and preventive agents. We have our first product on the shelves in Colorado and California already and the feedback has been excellent.”

The company’s revolutionary Transdermal NanoSerum™, a serum delivering cannabinoids through the skin, has proven to be ideal for localized pain and inflammation, as well as providing systemic therapy and relief from anxiety. The nano-encapsulation technology significantly increases the bioavailability, bioactivity and overall therapeutic potential of many essential ingredients.  

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