NanoSphere Health Offers Six-Fold Improvement in Cannabinoid Bioavailability

The U.S. cannabis industry is projected to exceed $50 billion in size over the coming years, according to Cowen & Co., driven by the legalization of adult-use cannabis in California and other states. While there are many opportunities for investors in the space, since they generate high-margin licensing revenue and don’t touch the plant, biotech firms developing innovative delivery mechanisms offer investors a compelling opportunity.

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NanoSphere Health Sciences Presentation Now Available for On-Demand Viewing

NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc., based in Denver, focused on nutraceuticals & supplements, cannabis, pharmaceuticals, OTCs, cosmetics, and animal health products, today announced that the January 18 presentation from Victor Goncalves, Executive Vice President, and Dr. Richard Kaufman, Chief Science Officer, is now available for on-demand viewing at

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Why Testing? Research Benefits Cannabis Consumers

The commercial sale of marijuana products began in 2014, following the historic vote in Colorado and Washington in November of 2012. The economic impact has been significant and wide-spread throughout the two states ever since. Now in 2017, we are up to eight states that have legalized marijuana for recitational use, and 20 others where marijuana is legalized for medical use. 

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Damon Collins