Joint Venture Cooperative Agreements & Licensing


We develop and protect superior products using our proprietary technology and unique industry knowledge and license the product rights to JV partners. We also provide the research, development, manufacturing expertise and patent protection that place our JV partners on the leading edge of biotechnology and custom product development. We then work closely, alongside of each, to ensure they stay out in front of the competition.

We establish NanoSphere Technology and Manufacturing Facilities for each of our partners, enabling them to become leading edge nanotech product and development companies in their respective markets within just weeks. Our facilities are highly scalable, cost-efficient and occupy relatively small footprints. With our facilities established within, or adjacent to our partners, we make our science and research team available to begin the collaboration that swiftly leads to the products, priorities and timelines that get new, industry-leading products to market- without delay. Our R&D and manufacturing expertise becomes that of our partners and their goals and aspirations become ours. Together, 1+1 can swiftly = 5

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