About NanoSphere Health


Our Company

NanoSphere Health is a nano-biotechnology company focused on providing next generation delivery of nutritive elements and medications. Our patented NanoSphere Delivery System™ platform technology addresses the problems of low bioavailability and excessive dosage amounts of a wide range of bioactive compounds. The evidence-based NanoSphere Delivery System™ provides up to 6X more bioavailability by transporting essential ingredients directly to the bloodstream and cells.

How It Works

NanoSphere Health uses the interdisciplinary field of nano-biotechnology - combining the latest technologies in chemistry, biology, engineering and medicine to create formulations proven to significantly increase absorption. Natural, pure and non-toxic ingredients with nano-sized composition are used to create nano-particle NanoSphere Delivery Systems™ that enter the bloodstream rapidly, efficiently and safely. This is backed by numerous clinical studies and research from leading hospitals, universities and independent laboratories.


Our Advantage


Superior Delivery

NanoSphere Health provides next generation delivery for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, OTC, wellness, animal health and cannabis industries and beyond.


Significant Benefits

The NanoSphere Delivery System™ platform is the first of its kind: a practical, delivery solution using natural lipid nanoparticles that are recognized for their high degree of biocompatibility, efficacy, versatility and safety.


Breakthrough Technology

Our NanoSphere Delivery System™ is suited for intra-oral, intra-nasal and transdermal administration. NHS’s proprietary manufacturing process is rapid, scalable, and cost-efficient.