Why Cannabis Tinctures and Drops Don't Work

Why Cannabis Tinctures and Drops Don’t Work


There is a widespread misconception that sublingual drops, tinctures, oral mucosal sprays and basic emulsions of cannabis available on the market today are absorbed from the mouth into the blood stream and quickly produce effects. This is far from reality.

Failure at Oral Delivery
The typical oral mucosal spray, tincture, aerosol and drops lack an effective delivery system for transporting cannabinoids through the oral mucosa. The cannabinoids need to be released from the formulation to the buccal or sublingual delivery site and pass through the mucosal layers to enter the systemic circulation. The physiology of epithelium lining and oral mucosa poses a formidable barrier that prevents cannabinoids in these formulas from penetrating the mucosa and entering systemic circulation to produce any noticeable effects.

These products fail at sublingual intraoral delivery for a number of reasons:

  • The native cannabinoid molecular structure has poor permeability across the oral mucosa
  • Their cannabinoid molecules are too large in size and weight to pass through the mucosal layers into the systemic circulation
  • They deliver too high a fluid volume to diffuse across the approximately 100 cm2 of surface area of oral mucosa into the systemic circulation.
  • They have unfavorable oil-to-water partition coefficients and lipophilicity (fat
  • solubility) of un-ionizable compounds for sublingual absorption. 
  • Salivary washout causes the cannabis to be swallowed 

Same as Ingesting Edibles
A continual flow of saliva causes the premature swallowing of the cannabinoids since they are not being absorbed into the oral mucosa. They pass from the mouth down your throat and work the same as ingesting an edible. 

Oral absorption of Δ9-THC is slow and unpredictable, with peak blood concentrations occurring 1–5 hours post dose. Psychotropic effects set in after 30–90 minutes, peak between 2 to 4 hours and decline to low levels after 6 hours.

Initial degradation of Δ9-THC is caused by digestive acids in the stomach and intestine. Extensive first pass liver metabolism further reduces oral bioavailability of THC before it reaches the sites of action. The oral absorption of THC and CBD are typically reported as 6% bioavailability (4-12%) to the systemic circulation. 

The hydroxylation of ingested Δ9-THC in the liver to 11-hydroxy-THC creates significantly higher levels of this metabolite compared with inhalation that produces stronger psychotropic effects and greater tendency for adverse effects without warning. 

Clinically Proven to Work in SloMo
Proof of this is found in the product monograph of the oral mucosal spray cannabis product Sativex by GW Pharma. Maximum plasma concentrations of both CBD and THC are quoted at typically occurring within 2 to 4 hours like eating edibles. Sativex’s Δ9-THC forms the same amount of 11-hydroxy-THC from 1st pass liver metabolism as expected from being swallowed.

NanoSphere Encapsulated Cannabinoids are the Delivery Solution
NanoSphere Health Sciences has developed a revolutionary cannabis delivery system.
Our patent-pending NanoSphere encapsulated cannabinoids are the next generation of cannabis molecules and products for medical and recreational use, due to our patent-pending nano-biotechnology.

Our nanosized cannabinoid molecules deliver greater bioactivity compared to smoking, vaping and ingesting cannabis. They are rapidly delivered directly to the bloodstream and target sites in minutes by intraoral and intranasal administration. Formed as highly concentrated patent-pending NanoSphere Viscoelastic NanoGels, they quickly activate receptors and produce a remarkable array of benefits, such as: 

  • Deliver precision-metered dosages of Cannabinoids as NanoGels with every use 
  • Significantly increase cannabinoid bioactivity compared to smoking and vaporization
  • Directly absorbed and transported to target receptors in minutes 
  • Available in intraoral and intranasal delivered forms 
  • 5 mgs of our Nano-THC produced similar and cleaner psychotropic effects compared to 25- 35 mg of THC from smoking cannabis 
  • Lower dosages and precision metering reduce the risk for adverse effects   
  • Eliminate the time delay problem of stacking from ingesting edibles 
  • Fast-acting, convenient to carry and use anywhere 
  • Designed from highest quality whole-plant cannabis extract and cannabinoid isolates with optimal cannabinoid ratios.
  • Made from natural biocompatible, biodegradable non-toxic materials  

Now, because of our understanding of cannabis pharmacokinetics and the exciting advances in our NanoSphere Delivery Technology, it is possible to deliver comparable bioavailbility as smoking, but without the negative side effects. It is actually possible that one day, using our disruptive technology, NanoSphere NanoGel cannabis will be reasonably able to replace smoking as the most effective mechanism for cannabinoids.