We are proud to announce patent-pending status for our nanoparticle encapsulation of cannabinoids.

We are announcing that today the U.S. Patent and Trademark office issued “Patent Pending” status for our new cannabis NanoSphere technology platform. 

We are the first and only patent-pending nanoparticle delivery system for medical and recreational cannabis. Concentrated “NanoSpheres” deliver plant extracts of cannabis and purified cannabinoids in convenient, standardized dosages to increase bioavailability, bioactivity and therapeutic potential. At the same time, the natural phospholipid particles decrease the adverse effects of cannabis.

While significant advancements and investments have been made in the medical cannabis industry, we are the first to apply nanotechnology to improve the bioavailability and efficacy of cannabis extracts and standardized dosages. This disruptive technology introduces a significant advancement in the medical and recreational cannabis markets, and meets the regulatory demands for product purity, uniformity and the reporting of active cannabinoid levels.
The NanoSphere Delivery System revolutionizes how cannabis delivers its benefits. Liquid NanoSpheres nanosize, encapsulate and rapidly deliver concentrated plant extracts and cannabis, purified cannabinoids, with increased bioavailability, bioactivity and therapeutic potential in standardized dosages printed on the product labels. At the same time, the biocompatible, phospholipid nanoparticles spheres (less than 70 nm in diameter) help decrease the adverse effects of cannabinoids. 

NanoSphere’s cannabinoid products are uniquely designed to be administered intra-orally, intra-nasally and transdermally in precision dose-metered dispensers. The convenient-to-use liquid NanoGels bypass the GI tract and avoid 1st pass liver metabolism. The NanoSphere’s dynamic membrane structure of purified essential phospholipids efficiently transports cannabinoids into the circulatory system and across the cell membranes to bind endocannabinoid and synergistic receptors.

Our patent-pending NanoSphere phospholipid nanoparticle encapsulation of cannabinoids provides practical solutions for cannabinoid therapy with benefits of:

Standardized Dose-Metered Dosages
Higher Concentration of Bioactive Cannabinoids
Increased Bioavailability of Cannabinoids (2-fold to 8-fold)
Decreased Dosages (2-fold to 8-fold)
Decreased Adverse Effects
Decreased Tolerance to Cannabis from Prolonged Use
More Efficacious Cannabinoid Therapy and Medical Cannabis Treatments
Improved Cannabinoid-to-Receptor Binding and Signal Transduction
Enhanced Therapeutic Value
Ideal for Long-Term and Daily Use

Our business model integrates into the regulatory and product manufacturing chain-of-possession. NanoSphere is partnering with cannabis growers, extractors, product manufacturers and dispensaries in providing this revolutionary product. The NanoSphere Delivery System satisfies the regulatory requirements for quality control, standardized cannabis dosages, full disclosure labeling and complete transparency.