A Closer Look at Nanotechnology: The New Tech Wave

There is a new tech wave. And it's small. Real small. About a billionth of a meter small.  

Nanotechnology is firmly positioning itself as the next tech revolution. Microscopic computer chips, operating in flexible units, are being developed to complement existing infrastructure, be it digital, physical, or biological. That's right — microscopic particles, working together in complex networks, could help heal, or even augment, the human body. They could allow nerves to bypass spinal injuries, heal damaged tissue at the microscopic level, override detrimental brain signals and dramatically increase bioavailability and bioactivity.

Nanotechnology offers the ability to truly change the human condition. By augmenting and changing existing systems and infrastructure nanoparticles will be able to target the bloodstream and cells. 

How do we do this at NanoSphere Health?
Over the last decade, the researchers at NanoSphere Health Sciences have developed a patent-pending “NanoSphere Delivery System” that can produce desirable exposure of nutraceuticals and medications for optimal effects. The NanoSphere Delivery System can overcome many of the absorption problems of traditional pills and capsules.

Our NanoSphere Gel encapsulates ingredients in an all natural nano-sized protective membrane carrier. Made from the same phospholipids that form the membranes around the cells in the human body, NanoSpheres help shield ingredients from dilution and degradation. They are more efficiently transported into the circulatory system and target cells. These carriers help prevent early destruction and elimination of ingredients in the gut, by the liver, and immune system to increase bioavailability and extend their circulation time.

By using Nanotechnology, NanoSphere Health offers the ability to achieve better health rapidly and more effectively.