Helping people achieve better health more rapidly and more effectively.

NanoSphere Health Sciences is providing next generation delivery of nutraceuticals & supplements, cannabis, pharmaceuticals, OTCs, cosmetics and animal health products. Cutting-edge NanoSphere delivery systems are up to 6 times more bioavailable and improve product quality. Patent pending NanoSpheres provide superior delivery of a wide range of bioactive compounds

The NanoSphere Delivery System platform is the first of its kind. A practical, delivery solution using natural lipid nanoparticles that are recognized for their high degree of biocompatibility, efficacy, versatility and safety.  

Nanopshere Health Sciences is developing specific applications of its proprietary NanoSphere Delivery Systems for a broad range of consumer and health professional products.  

Our NanoSphere Delivery platform is suited for intraoral, intranasal, peroral and transdermal administration. The NanoSphere Health Science’s proprietary manufacturing process is rapid, scalable, and cost-efficient.

About Us:
Based in Denver, Colorado, NanoSphere Health Sciences is a biotechnology firm specializing in the creation of NanoSphere Delivery Systems for the supplement, nutraceutical, over-the-counter, pharmaceutical industries and beyond. Its patent-pending NanoSphere delivery systems and industry-first line of bioavailable NanoSphere Gels represent a significant milestone and one of the most important developments for advancing the non-invasive delivery of biological agents in over 25 years. 

As an innovative biotechnology company, we are developing a robust and growing portfolio of novel product candidates generated by our patent-pending nanosphere delivery system. We address multiple areas including dietary supplements, pharmaceutical and OTC medications, cannabinoids, skin care, animal health, etc.

NanoSphere Health’s scientists have invested over 20 years into the research and development of the patent-pending delivery system. Our team is dedicated to quality, complete transparency and conducting extensive research into the application of nanotechnology.

To help people achieve better health rapidly and more effectively.

Our Values:

  1. Backed by science, nanotechnolgoy and accredited research
  2. Commitment to quality and safety
  3. Dedication to complete transparency

NanoSphere’s unique patent-pending NanoSphere Delivery System is enabling us to accomplish such work, and we are leveraging that platform, called NanoSphere, to establish a robust pipeline of attractive first-in-class products and nano-biotechnologies in important areas such as nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter and cosmetics.
— Richard Kaufman PH.D. - Co-Founder & CSO